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Conservative, Functional, and Natural Dentistry in Asheville

Welcome to Biltmore Dental Group, the practice of Dr. Alexander Pence, Dr. Barry Duncan and Dr. Milton Poulos where we serve the beautiful community of Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas.

Our experienced staff has one goal in mind: to educate our patients on oral health that leads to lifelong benefits. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of gentle, personalized, and professional dental care, and our expertise range from dental implant placement to cosmetic dentistry, from root canal therapy to wisdom teeth extractions. At Biltmore Dental Group, we consider our patients part of our family, and treating you as such, we strive to provide you with a smile that enables you to live life to the fullest.

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Call Biltmore Dental Group Phone Number 828-665-1111 with any questions or to schedule an appointment with our practice.

What Sets Us Apart

  • A conservative approach to dental care
  • Multi-specialty practice: Wisdom Teeth Extractions, Root Canal Treatment, General Dentistry
  • IV sedation options for all dental procedures
  • Cutting-edge technology, such as 3D Cone Beam technology
  • Relaxed and comfortable environment
  • Experienced and expertly trained professional staff
  • Open Fridays

Root Canal Treatment

Learn more about Root Canal Treatment

If your tooth is infected, endodontic treatment—a non-surgical root canal—is normally all that is needed to promote healing. Drs. Pence, Duncan, and Poulos are highly trained in performing root canals, a common, fast and routine dental procedure. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive office with top-notch dental care that enables our patients to enjoy the luxury of receiving root canal treatments in addition to general and cosmetic dentistry all under one roof—ours!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Learn more about Cosmetic Dentistry

We are changing lives, one smile at a time, and we aspire to create a smile that reflects who you truly are and send you back out into the world with confidence and poise. Whether you would like to brighten your smile with Veneers or straighten your teeth with Clear Aligners, our goal is to bring you the ultimate in cosmetic dentistry. This includes using cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality of care as well as treating our patients with respect and compassion.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Learn more about Wisdom Teeth

We understand that wisdom teeth removal can be intimidating and even scary to teens, so our friendly staff invites you and your teen to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your questions and concerns. If your child is between the ages of 17 and 25, this is the ideal window of opportunity for a comfortable, safe and complication-free extraction. Don’t wait. Call Biltmore Dental Group Phone Number 828-665-1111 and schedule a wisdom teeth evaluation for your teen today!