Patient Testimonials


Patient Testimonial#1 
I visited Doctor Duncan for a “New Patient” exam recently…

“At that appointment, I was so happy with the way he spent time with me and actually listened to my chief complaints.  One complaint I brought up was my frustration with all of my previous dentists over the last thirty or so years when I complained to them that I didn’t feel as if my upper and lower teeth contacted or hit properly.  I always felt as if I had to keep them from touching and over time it caused me to develop tension in my face and to experience a lot of headaches.  It was very frustrating for me for many years.  Then, when I met with Dr. Duncan he actually listened to my complaint and helped me to understand the factors that cause this problem.  He explained that he could do an “equilibration” or level of my bite.  What he did was to adjust the way the teeth contact upper to lower until they all met at the same time and without deflecting my lower jaw off its normal hinge axis.  After only one session of equilibration, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the way my upper and lower teeth related.   More importantly, I noticed a complete absence of the facial muscle tension I had struggled with for so many years.  I even noticed that my tension headaches have gone away!!!  I was so happy with the results of his equilibration therapy that when I came back in for a re-check, I told Dr. Duncan that he is a miracle worker!!!!  He told me that other benefits of this treatment include: 1) a dramatic reduction in premature wear or attrition of the enamel of my teeth    2) less likelihood to chip or fracture my teeth since they are all equally sharing the chewing load now    3) reduction in mobility of loose teeth or a tendency for teeth to shift or drift from point A to point B.  I am so glad I came to see Dr. Duncan and trusted in his diagnosis and treatment recommendation of equilibration, and I am recommending him to my friends.”


 D. Roberts
Patient Testimonial#2 
I recently received dental care from Dr. Pence…

I was first impressed with Alex by his gentle and kind demeanor. These attributes have continued throughout our relationship.  I was raised in a military family with five brothers and sisters and received the best care my parents were able to provide, although in my later years I’ve grown to accept that what still exists now requires some fairly extensive shoring up.

“I’m now in the midst of reconstructive bone grafting, implants, crowns and composites.  Alex has taken what I feel is extra care in working closely with me regarding scheduling, explaining and answering all of my questions and concerns as well as kindly receiving the information when I shared with him how I adjusted my  healing partial with my own trusty Dremel tool!  His attention to detail and honesty is far beyond anything I’ve experienced with former dentists.  Perhaps this is the “new wave” of practitioners; I only know that I’m delighted to have ended up in his chair.”

– Mark F.

Patient Testimonial #3 
I could not be more pleased with the care I have received…

“I could not be more pleased with the care I have received from the personnel at Biltmore Dental Group! I am particularly grateful to Dr. Barry Duncan and his technician, Tiffany Penland, who have seen me through several procedures with patience, kindness and a great deal of skill. Rose and all the office staff have been a constant source of information and help. And each person I have met along the way has treated me with careful attention.

I went to Dr. Duncan to have teeth extracted and dentures made. Dr. Duncan is licensed to administer sedation which I chose for one of the extraction procedures, easing both the procedure and recovery. Because of the attention he gave to molds and directions to the lab, my dentures look quite natural. They are quite beautiful! And he has provided excellent care as final adjustments to the bite and fit are made.

I have seen numerous dentists throughout my life, but can say with all sincerity that the Biltmore Dental Group far outshines any other experience. I recommend them without reservation.”

– Linda W.