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FAQs about Dental Implants
By Biltmore Dental Group
August 02, 2019
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Even losing a single tooth can affect your self esteem and reputation, as well as your nutrition and even your speech. If you are one of the implantsmillions of American adults experiencing full or partial tooth loss, dental implants may be a good option to give you back your smile and improve your oral health and quality of life in the process. The dentists at Biltmore Dental Group in Asheville, NC, recommend dental implants for healthy adults missing anywhere from one to all of their natural teeth.


Dental Implants in Asheville, NC

Dental implants are revolutionary in that they replace the whole tooth from root to crown, which has a number of oral health and other advantages.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Here is what you need to know if you are considering dental implants.


Q: How do Dental Implants Work?

A: Dental implants consist of the implant and a cosmetic crown. First the dentist will perform a comprehensive dental exam to determine if implants are appropriate for your situation. You must be an adult in good overall health, and you must also have enough healthy bone tissue in your gums to support the implant. The implant is made from biocompatible titanium and shaped like a small screw and surgically placed in the socket of the missing tooth in place of the root.

Once in place, the implant begins to fuse with the surrounding bone tissue, anchoring it in place for a secure fit. This also helps to prevent further bone loss, which is one of the main (but unseen) side effects of tooth loss. Healthy gums are critical in order to prevent your risk of periodontal disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

After the healing period is complete, the dentist will attach a cosmetic crown to the implant through an abutment. This is the portion that will be visible when you smile, so your new teeth will look, function, and feel just like the real thing!

Q: What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

A: Implants can improve your oral health, your nutrition, your speech, and help to lower your risk of oral health complications related to tooth loss. With proper care, they can be a long term solution to tooth loss.


Q: Do Dental Implants Work with Dentures?

A: Yes! Implants can support dentures as well as individual crowns.


Q: Are Implants Safe?

A: Implants have been shown to have a very high success rate with adequate care; however they require rigorous oral hygiene and follow up dental care in order to minimize the risk of potential complications.


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