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Do You Need a Root Canal?
By Biltmore Dental Group
March 06, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dealing with a toothache? You might just need root canal therapy!root canal

Sure, we know you don’t want to think about root canal treatment but this doesn’t mean that worrisome symptoms are something you should just brush off. So, how do you know when it’s time to call one of our Asheville, NC, dentists, Dr. Barry Duncan, Dr. Alexander Pence, or Dr. Milton Poulos, for immediate dental care? Let’s find out!

What is root canal treatment?

Most people have heard of a root canal but many people aren’t quite sure why this procedure is performed. When the inside structure of a tooth, known as the dental pulp, becomes infected or inflamed the only option is to have it removed to prevent the spread of infection. Everything from severe decay and a dental infection to direct trauma to the tooth can impact the health of the pulp. By removing the pulp we can preserve the rest of the tooth and prevent the need for a tooth extraction.

What are the signs that I need root canal treatment?

Many dental problems cause a lot of the same symptoms so it’s important that if you are dealing with any changes or symptoms that you turn to our Asheville general dentists right away for care. The sooner you seek treatment the better.

A toothache is the most common sign that you need root canal therapy. The dental pulp contains nerves, so when the pulp is inflamed or infected it causes dental pain. The toothache might be severe or mild; it might be persistent or intermittent. The pain may get worse when biting or chewing; however, a toothache of any kind or magnitude is considered a dental emergency.

The tooth may also become sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks. Maybe you notice that your tooth zings or zaps when drinking a cup of hot coffee or a glass of ice-cold water. If tooth sensitivity suddenly arises or if sensitivity lingers then you need to give us a call.

Another sign that you need root canal therapy is a darkening tooth. If the tooth that is giving you pain and other issues suddenly becomes darker, this could mean that the roots of the tooth have begun to die.

The gums around the tooth may also become tender to the touch, swollen, or red. In some cases, a pimple-like growth (known as an abscess) will develop on the gums surrounding the affected tooth.

If you are dealing with any of the symptoms above it is important that you don’t just ignore them. Remember, dental pain and other issues won’t go away on their own. Call the dental experts at Biltmore Dental Group in Asheville, NC, when you have a dental problem that needs urgent attention.